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Uncertain About A Drug?

You’re having symptoms that you feel you can address with over the counter (OTC) drugs. Maybe you are trying to recover from an injury and take drugs that the doctor has prescribed. Maybe you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and the doctor has prescribed you medication to treat it.

In all of these cases, you hope that the medications will not hurt you on your drug test. You don’t have time to research it due to meetings, workouts, practice and family obligations. Your doctor, coaches, trainer nor agent have time to research it due to their many obligations.

Don’t take a drug and pray that it’s ok. Call EJ Sports Pharmacy (ESP) BEFORE you consume the drug to take the uncertainty away. ESP stays informed of drugs on your banned substances list and any changes that have occurred. Schedule an appointment today at

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Make sure you remain at the top of your game. Let’s get you compliant with your medications. Schedule an appointment today at to discuss. #NCAA #NFL #NFLPA #XFL #TheUSFL #MLB


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