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Coronavirus Will Not Stop Professional Sports Seasons

Professional sports leagues are moving forward with some semblance of a season; baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and football, to name a few. There have been varying degrees of success with coronavirus cases. Even though teams and leagues have implemented measures to keep players safe, there is still the possibility of infection.

Coronavirus symptoms range from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. The below list does not include all possible symptoms but are the more common ones.

-Fever or chills -New loss of taste or smell

-Cough -Sore throat

-Rash -Congestion or runny nose

-Fatigue -Nausea or vomiting

-Body aches -Diarrhea

-Headache -Difficulty breathing

Seek immediate medical attention if the following symptoms occur.

-Trouble breathing

-Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

-New confusion

-Inability to wake or stay awake

-Bluish lips or face

Let’s talk about your concerns around symptoms in how you can address them and what to look for in severe cases. Schedule an appointment today at

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